New Forest Dragons - FAQ

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Are the classes suitable for girls?
Yes! Girls make excellent martial artists.

Why don't you train in bare feet?

Apart from the fact that most children don't want to train in bare feet, it's mainly for the safety of the child. Trainers or plimsolls provide protection for the feet.

What martial arts are taught?
Most martial arts originate from China. The arts were adapted to suit the countries into which they were spread. Chinese martial arts contain punches and kicks (knees and elbow techniques are not always taught to juniors although prevalent in Chinese martial arts).


Striking techniques were modified by Japanese, Korean and Thai martial artists to create Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do and Muay Thai. Chinese martial arts also contain locking and throwing techniques which have been used by Japanese martial artists to create Jujitsu, Judo and Aikido. Chinese martial arts have also been called Kung Fu by Westerners for many years, although the Chinese do not refer to their own martial arts with this term.


As a broad umbrella, the word Wushu is the term the Chinese use and is sub-divided into modern and traditional Wushu. The Dragons class is a mix of both. There are many individual styles within the umbrella term "Wushu".

I've booked twelve weeks but my child is not enjoying it. Can I get a refund?
Yes absolutely!


We can't refund the membership/insurance but the class fees can be refunded. The classes might not suit everybody but we do encourage people to give things a good try. Perseverance is once of the cornerstones of Chinese martial art study and indeed life as an adult.


Please talk to your instructor if your child is unhappy in the class for any reason.

My child would like to join. What classes are available?

Classes are currently running in Brockenhurst and Highcliffe. For further information on:

Brockenhurst classes, click here

Highcliffe classes, click here

Classes will shortly be running in Lymington, New Milton and Christchurch. Please contact us to register your interest.

New Forest Dragons is a new group. How do I know you won't take my payment and disappear?
We are part of Wutan New Forest which has been established for over 25 years. The chief instructor has been teaching locally since 1996.